Custom Hats

The Hat

We offer two custom journeys. The first is made to measure where your hat will be custom-made and fitted. The second is a more immersive experience with artistry and extra customization at every step.

The Timing

The custom design process for made-to-measure is 8 weeks. For an immersive custom hat, the process takes 3-4 months.

The Process

Each custom journey involves a consultation, progress check ins and a custom fitting. Once you have a custom hat, we will be able to make further customs from your custom block that we keep in our collection.

The Materials

We use rabbit & nutria felts, both in Western weight, rigid, heavy and pre-stiffened. We do also have the option for dress weight rabbit if you prefer something lighter and a little more flexible to the touch.

  • Measured & Made


  • Immersive Custom (Rabbit)


  • Immersive Custom (Nutria & Beaver)


The Custom Process

Schedule an initial consultation. From there we will share our customization options and more information and create your truly bespoke hat.