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The VJ

The VJ

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It’s imperative to have a loyal companion while meandering through the highways, streets, and sidewalks of life. Your companion must be bold, loyal, and powerful. The VJ was created to be your spiritual, hardy teacher and guide.

This collection is a partnership between JacksonWestHats & VJ Kesh, actor, traveler, and storyteller. Forged over many sessions in LA bars, The VJ is a culmination of musings on the myriad characters who inhabit its part gritty, spiritual, dream-filled streets. A hat that can worn every day, the VJ is equipped with a soul enlisted for longevity, primed for wear in whatever situation necessary. It is available in 3 forms: upturn brim, flat brim, and, The Anti VJ, which is a piece inspired by the classic styles, reborn and ready to wear.

  • Fur Felt

  • 3.5 inch Brim

  • Colors available: Tan, Chocolate, Black

    • Extended colors available for custom - please contact us if you would like to explore this option.

  • Leather sweatband

  • Finished with naturally dyed, 100-year-old bailer's twin

All of our hats are handmade in Los Angeles. They are not meant to be perfect, as we believe beauty lies in imperfection. These hats have a partially distressed feel, ready to be worn as much as your heart desires.

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